Requirements for Leasing Land as a Trailer Park

One of the most important attributes that need to be met when developing a trailer park is to have at least half an acre of reasonably level land. This will ensure that all motorhomes are anchored properly on the ground to avoid accidents. Another essential factor that such property development should have is perimeter screens that will provide privacy and exclusivity to the tenants. If the real estate is defined with perimeter fences, it is also important to have a gateway that is at least 12 feet wide to ensure that the campers or mobile homes can pass safely through it.

To develop a private land into a caravan park, a considerable amount of investment is required. Aside from that, a lease agreement must be designed to protect both the owner and the tenants. Thus, such document must define the steps that will be taken when obligations are not met. For example, a statement that relieves the property owner of any responsibility in case tenants incur damage to the area can be added in the document. In addition, the landlord must provide a written copy of the rules and lease agreement to the renters to be sure that they are properly informed of their rights and responsibilities.